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A Look Through His Lens

DIRECTOR / Matthew Berkowitz, Gregory Hoblit
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / Kim Basinger, Lynne Littman
PRODUCER / Oren Segal, Debrah Farentino,
Autumn Macintosh
Philippe’s work has garnered a myriad of awards including an Oscar for A River Runs Through It, a BAFTA Award for Interview with a Vampire, and three Cesar Awards for Diva, Therese, and Queen Margot.  
His many credits include: A River Runs Through It, Interview with the Vampire, Dangerous Liaisons, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Planet of the Apes, Antwone Fisher, Sherlock Holmes, Larry Crowne, Big Fish. Hope and Glory, The Bear, Henry and June, Sommersby, Flesh and Bone, Mary Reilly, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, The Brave One, Lions Lambs, The Great Debaters, The Nice Guys and Fantastic Beasts.
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